Henry Harkless

A curious case unfolded in the summer of 1908, centered around the enigmatic figure of Henry Harkless. The Tonopah Bonanza, on June 6, 1908, reported the sudden demise of Harkless, a venerable pioneer of Nevada, whose lifeless form was discovered on the sidewalk in front of the Pioneer stables. A coroner’s jury swiftly convened, attributing his passing to natural causes, leaving behind a legacy shrouded in mystery.

Yet, the saga of Harkless did not end with his purported demise. On June 26, 1908, the Elko Weekly Independent spun a tale of intrigue, revealing that Harkless had defied death’s grasp, embarking on a thirty-three-mile journey from Salisbury Springs. Astoundingly, he sought to reclaim his wagon, sold to defray the expenses of his supposed burial.

The following day, June 27, 1908, the Tonopah Bonanza chronicled the tumult that ensued in the wake of Harkless’s resurrection. Public Administrator L.L. Blumenthal found himself ensnared in a quagmire of uncertainty, having mistakenly sold Harkless’s possessions to settle his funeral expenses. With conflicting reports of Harkless’s existence, a perplexing conundrum loomed over his true identity and the fate of his estate.

The Tonopah Daily Bonanza, on June 10, 1908, delved deeper into the enigma, pondering whether the deceased man truly bore the mantle of Henry Harkless. Witnesses testified to Harkless’s demise, yet conflicting accounts emerged, suggesting he may yet roam the earth. As speculation swirled, the coroner and public administrator grappled with the task of untangling the web of deceit and mistaken identity.

Months later, on January 28, 1909, the Tonopah Daily Bonanza offered a resolution to the perplexing saga. In the hallowed halls of the district court, forty-five cases were adjudicated, including that of Henry Harkless. The truth emerged as Harkless’s case was dismissed, revealing a case of mistaken identity. The man presumed dead was but an impostor, and Harkless himself resided on his ranch in the eastern reaches of the country.

Thus, the tale of Henry Harkless, a man seemingly resurrected from the grave, concluded with a twist of fate, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue and uncertainty.

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