Frank Ahlers

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Frank Ahlers, a teamster from Manhattan, tragically ended his life in the rear alley of the Big Casino dance hall. Prior to the incident, Ahlers had engaged in a dance with one of the establishment’s employees. Moments later, he shot himself above the right eye, and the bullet lodged into his brain, leading to his death within minutes.

Hailing from Manhattan, where he served as the overseer of a ten-horse team for Enkhouse, Ahlers had arrived in the city on Tuesday. Over the next few nights, he immersed himself in the city’s attractions, indulging in alcohol. By Friday night, he was relatively sober when he entered the Casino around 11 o’clock. He informed the bartender, George McCreary, that he had been held up and robbed of $80 near the depot’s corral. McCreary advised him to report the incident to the police. Ahlers left the hall, returned with two policemen, and attempted to identify his assailants, though his descriptions were vague. When the officers couldn’t locate the suspects, they departed, leaving Ahlers in the dance hall. After purchasing a couple of drinks and dancing briefly, Ahlers went into the alley, where he took his own life. His body was discovered by Charles Miller, a croupier employed at the dance hall.

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